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Our brand story​

We have been called “indoor air quality experts” for 26 years, but aiR&M's goes further than that. We don't just stop with informing you about how harmful your air is, we help you with a solid and progressive solution.

We have continuously made it our motto to create awareness about the effects on our health of the harmful air we breathe. We strive to provide solutions that help individuals, as well as families, offices and businesses, do something about it.

We are a team of dedicated professionals with the vision to provide clean and healthy air to everyone. Be part of our global mission and give yourself, your family, your employees and your visitors the air that everyone deserves: clean and healthy indoor air.

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How it started​

Kevin was born in 1985 as the son of Ghislain Raymaekers and Christiane Maes. Shortly afterwards, Kevin suffered from eczema. In the nine years that followed, we regularly visited the pediatrician and a lot of medication was prescribed, without success, on the contrary, to make matters worse, Kevin increasingly suffered from all kinds of allergies and asthma.

We realized that the environment in the home may have had something to do with Kevin's health problems. One day we came across an air purifying product. After we started using it as we thought, we were surprised at the impact on his health. His symptoms disappeared like snow in the sun and he quickly went from “great improvement to complete recovery”. This was the motivation and the start to help others.


We founded aiR & M's in 2002. The R comes from Raymaekers and the M from Maes and due to the activity in air purification the name starts with air,  aiR & M's.


A positive and good relationship with our customers is still essential to us. Ghislain, went on a demo with the customer and Chris visited each customer after a few months for an evaluation. It has given us an unimaginable knowledge of health, which does not always correspond with the applicable standards. ​


In 2008, we became an importer for the BeNeLux region with aiR & M's. Meanwhile, distribution is expanding from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg to Germany, France, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Greece and Finland.

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