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Why choose Monarch Clean Air?​

Viruses (linked to a protein) and allergens are the only living particles that we inhale directly into our lungs, where they seriously damage our lung function. Monarch likely viruses quickly and completely out of the air. If you don't inhale viruses, you don't exhale harmful aerosols, which means there is no transmission of flu, RSV of Corona.


Physical meetings can occur again and working from home is no longer necessary!


All allergists agree that "the drier the air, the healthier."

Air without moisture is air without moulds. This is good news! Most people are aware that when the prescribed 40-60% humidity combines with excessive insulation, it causes mold spores to form. This in turn causes microorganisms to reproduce faster and produces many more allergens which make people at home and in the offices sick.

Mold Spores

A study by the pharmaceutical industry revealed that allergens cause of the most common health complaints and disorders. Allergens undeniably are the only cause of all health complaints in the office, WHO (World Health Organisation) calls this the "Sick Building Syndrome."

These health complaints begin when people enter the building and leave when they exit the building, thus proving that they are caused by poor air quality in the premises. 


Allergen-free air prevents and eliminates all of these complaints.

*Read the full study: Cui - Structural biology of mite allergens.pdf


Bacteria have a bad name, but we cannot live without bacteria, they are essential to maintain our immune system. There are healthy and harmful bacteria and only if we inhale too much of the harmful particles into our airways at once we become ill. It is therefore important to maintain the numbers of bacteria and this can be done with Monarch Clean Air.

Removes Bacteria & Aerosols

This includes the nanoparticles removed from the air by different types of activated carbon filters. With elimination of 0.0006 mg/m³, Monarch Clean Air is yet again top of the class and "World Best" in terms of removing harmful gases and odors.

Removes Gases & Odors

Official tests show that even the toys children put in their mouths in nurseries are automatically cleaned and disinfected. Also radiator plates and ventilation ducts are cleaned and disinfected. Which results in significant savings for many companies

Disinfects Surfaces

In completely pure air, heating is easier and the temperature is even. This results in energy savings of 10 to 15% on heating. The higher the ceilings, the higher the savings. But also dust-free radiators, a pure cooling unit behind the fridge, noticeably less cleaning , automatically disinfected surfaces up to the ventilation ducts, turning on the light 20 minutes later every day, the air conditioning feeling in the summer, etc., save energy. Electrical appliances and upholstery also last longer. And that's not even counting the benefits on our health. The total energy savings are greater than the cost of 24 €/month in filters, there are no maintenance costs either, and the devices have a written, permanent guarantee.

Energy Savings

Many people fall sick while at work. Coughing, sneezing, irritated eyes, fatigue and loss of concentration are just a few symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome. Medication or fysical training does not  eliminate the causes of these symptoms. Monarch Clean Air not only eliminates Sick Building Syndrome symptoms within 24 hours, it also provides a pleasant and healthy work environment where people feel good. Monarch Clean Air clients have reported that absenteeism has decreased and even disappeared from their offices. The World Health Organization (WHO) calculates the financial benefits from practicing this at €3600/employee/year. It is true! Happy employees = More productivity and more profits.

Reduces Sick Leave & Absenteeism




Monarch Clean Air’s "Plug & Play" units have been catalogued by the internationally renowned South Korean govermental research institute Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH) as the “World’s Best Quality Product.” KITECH has approved that Monarch Clean Air units remain in service, retaining their effectiveness with just regular filter replacement, therefore they have no maintenance costs.

No Maintenance Costs

Micro-organisms behave like gases in completely pure air - they move from a high concentration to a low concentration. There are no microorganisms around a Monarch Clean Air unit, creating a place with a very low (even zero) concentration and causing the surrounding microorganisms to move into that “vacuum” and be in their turn sucked in by the appliance. In this way, the harmful microorganisms are pulled in 360° round, from further and further away and are eliminated from the air by Monarch.

The microorganisms sucked in are the ultra-fine dust, 1,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. It doesn’t matter whether the interior doors are open or closed.

Purify an entire premises from one location







Monarch Clean Air is designed to eliminate all air pollution, according to the amount and nature of the pollution. This makes a lot more sense and makes a big difference. As a result, it is not the cheapest, but it is the cheapest air purification!

Not m³ bounded

Monarch Clean Air clients affirm that our air purifiers create a healthy and pleasant space to live in. It cleans the air and disinfects surfaces. Employees no longer suffer from irritated eyes. It removes unpleasant odors and eliminates mold too. Our corporate clients, school and institutions have vouched that it helps reduce absenteeism.

Monarch Clean Air has repeatedly proven that it is worth it, that it saves a lot of money in the present and future too. We have shared all the facts and stated our case.

And you, ... how can Monarch Clean Air help you?

Proved and Approved Repeatedly


Monarch® Clean Air 
Small White

Purifies the air up to 99.9999% and disinfects surfaces in living areas or offices

  1. UVC lamps

  2. Consumption: 13 Watt to 60 Watt

  3. Plug and play

  4. Can be placed in wall bracket (recommended)

  5. Dimensions: D 35cm and H 52cm

  6. E-gas zero filter

  7. E-Dust Zero filter

  8. E-Perfect filter

  9. Detection display of substances and gases via LED module

  10. Built-in heating

  11. Aroma cassette

  12. Ion-Generator

  13. Cyclonic Action

Monarch® Clean Air
Long Black

Purifies the air up to 99.9999% and disinfects surfaces in living areas or offices

  1. UVC lamps

  2. Consumption: 13 Watt to 60 Watt

  3. Plug and play

  4. Can be placed in wall bracket (recommended)

  5. Dimensions: D 35cm and H 62cm

  6. E-gas zero filter

  7. E-Dust Zero filter

  8. E-Perfect filter

  9. Detection indication of substances and gases via display

  10. Adjustable heating

  11. Remote control​

  12. Ion-Generator

  13. Cyclonic Action


Differences with other Air Purifiers

Many air purifiers make claims of purifying the air, but the truth is that it is not possible to purify air with just one technique.


To really purify the air requires a combination of technologies.


Monarch Clean Air is the only affordable Air Purifier that uses a combination of effective tools to provide healthy and clean air. Monarch Clean Air uses ULPA Filtering, Far-UVC, an Ion Generator and a Cyclonal Action along with LOG 3 - Reduction to ensure that you get the cleanest air possible.


ULPA vs HEPA - Website.jpeg

0.1 Mircon

ULPA-filters remove the toxic, microscopic particles: Viruses, allergens and mold spores, particles of 0.1 microns. When inhaled, these 0.1 µm particles are inhaled DIRECTLY into our lungs. We now know the impact of viruses on our health, but every year many more people die prematurely due to allergens. It’s also well known fact that mold and mold spores are harmful.

0.3 Mircon

HEPA-filters remove living and organic particles: These are, for example, bacteria, aerosols and pollen, particles of 0.3 microns. When inhaled, these 0.3 µm particles are stopped by our nose and throat hairs and DO NOT penetrate into our lungs


Active purification​

ULPA air purifiers are active air purifiers: the entire room(s) and surfaces are cleaned and disinfected. ULPA filters are not m³, but bound to harmful substances, which makes much more sense. ULPA filters have a purifying effect on the lungs and strengthen the immune system

Passive purification​

HEPA air purifiers are passive air purifiers: only the air that passes through the air purifier is cleaned, which means that HEPA filters are m³ bound and cannot disinfect surfaces


E-Gas Zero

Annoying odors and harmful gases are purified by a carbon filter.
There are some important differences here

E-gas Zero filtration > Active Pure filtration > EnviroPure filtration > Activated carbon filtration​

With his E-Gas Zero filter, 0,0006 mg/m³, Monarch Clean Air is again on top of the best results. (or: World Best)

Active Carbon

EnviroPure is 9x more efficient than a regular activated carbon filter, ActivePure is even better and E-Gas Zero filter is the best in the carbon filter category.



Monarch Clean Air has built-in Far-UVC light. It sends the already purified air over the built-in Far-UVC light, making bacteria, viruses and all kinds of micro-organisms harmless to humans and animals. In this way, Monarch strengthens the same healthy effect as the sun in the open air

UV lamps

Regular UV(C) lamps are harmful to humans and animals due to the ozone they release. They also do not provide a solution for indoor pollution


360° cyclonic action​

In cyclonic air purification, these large dust particles, which are heavier than air, are thrown into the cyclone, away from the filters. The remaining particles, which are lighter than air, are caught in a strong upward gust of wind and are sent through the respective filters. These filters become saturated and must be replaced as prescribed, but their effectiveness remains constant because these filters do not clog. That is why every good air purification starts with a cyclone effect

Straight-line air purification​

Straight-line air purifiers suck in all the pollution inside the unit, including the larger dust particles we see when the sun shines low. It is these dust particles that clog the filters, up to 75% in one week. That's why people like to replace the filters very regularly.​


Ion Generator

You don't just get healthy, clean air by removing as much pollution as possible from the air. It is also necessary to provide the necessary nutrients that our lungs need to function properly. These building blocks are the 'negative ions', also called 'air vitamins'. Both the current (excessive) insulation of our buildings and the ventilation ensure a high production of 'positive ions'. Although the name may seem confusing, 'positive ions' are responsible for poor lung function, while 'negative ions' actually promote it! That is why the contribution of 'negative ions' is so essential for healthy air purification

LOG 3 reduction​

LOG reduction is a term we use to describe the rate of capture and/or killing of all forms of microorganisms (microbes), including pathogens. Pathogens are disease-causing microorganisms.

The overview below shows the reduction figure, reduction factor and reduction percentage per LOG. From LOG 3 reduction we talk about disinfection, from this point the microbe level is no longer harmful to humans. Monarch Clean Air has a LOG 3 reduction.​

Would you like to know more?​


Did you know? Monarch Clean Air is the only air purifier that combines all the necessities such as ULPA filtration, FAR-UVC, an ion generator, a cyclonic action and LOG 3 reduction for healthy air purification. It is the combination of these different properties that really purifies the indoor air. Monarch Clean Air filters and purifies the air with effective technical specifications that purify an entire entity from one place.

Differences between Monarch Clean Air Long Black and Small White: The Monarch Clean Air Long Black and Small White have the same effectiveness in terms of air purification. It is mainly a matter of taste and size. Monarch Clean Air Long Black is 10 cm higher, the degree of pollution is shown on a display, has a remote control and has a built-in adjustable heating. With Monarch Clean Air Small White, the degree of pollution is displayed by colored LED lights, has an aroma chamber and standard heating.

To install Monarch Clean Air: Monarch Clean Air is Plug and Play and can be plugged into any socket. After installing the filters, press the “On” and “Auto” buttons and you can immediately enjoy clean air.

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