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Heating solutions and the Unseen Risks of Winter

We turn on our heaters en masse. But is that healthy?

Summer is now over and that means shorter days, and worse: much colder weather. We all turn our heating back on en masse to make it more pleasant and cozy inside but what we don't consider are the dust mites that have collected all summer long in the dark, warm, and humid environments of our indoor environment.

Dust mites prefer to hide in places where you cannot see them. They crawl between the smallest cracks and in every corner. There they grow to their heart's content. It is the allergens caused by the house dust mite: its eggs and feces, that are so harmful to our health. Your radiators are also an interesting 'hiding place' for these dust mites. Dust mites even multiply to such an extent that radiators become completely clogged.

On the first cold autumn days we all turn on our heating. A large portion of the collected allergens are suddenly blown into the indoor air. And that has major consequences for our health. For example, the flying invisible dust particles ensure that our mucous membranes dry out more and more with every breath. As a result, we tend to re-humidify the space, which causes micro-organisms to multiply even faster. We don't have to tell you that this can make you even sicker.

Underfloor heating also offers no solution. Thanks to a continuously heated surface, the dust that blows up does not end up on the floor but remains suspended in the air. As a result, they gather behind furniture, your refrigerator and even behind curtains. Not very ideal for your health!

Breathing problems

In the heated indoor space, allergens remain permanently suspended in the air, causing us to inhale them more and more frequently. A consequence of this is that our lungs become 'clogged', causing less oxygen to flow to the bloodstream and weakening our immune system. Coughing, sneezing, sore throat, eye irritation... We are gradually getting sicker and in no time, we will be visiting the doctor and pharmacist with the flu.

A flu vaccine is recommended for weaker people. But it can also be done differently.

Breathing healthy purified air improves lung function, which in turn strengthens our natural resistance and restores the immune system. The Monarch Clean Air offers healthy purified air like no other and is therefore the World Best air purifier. In addition, the device ensures that existing flu and coronaviruses are inactivated with its Far-UVC lamps. Not only is the air in the entire home or office purified, but all surfaces are also automatically disinfected.

Both the toys that children put in their mouths and the inside of ventilation ducts in companies. And the ion generator ensures improved oxygen absorption into the blood, which strengthens the immune system. This makes us resistant to all kinds of bacterial attacks, but also to those from viruses and microbes.

Yes, Monarch provides accurate and preventive protection for everyone!

High time to purchase a Monarch Clean Air! Preferably preventively, before you turn on the heating!


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