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The Secret to Good Health – Clean Water, Food & AIR! Introducing Monarch Clean Air

Good health is the key to a fulfilling and successful life. When we ignore our health we know that there will be consequences. Neglect of health can mean prolonged sickness, expensive medical treatment and even hospitalization or death. It proves the saying ‘Health is wealth’ is right.

Clean Water, Safe Food & Polluted Air?

If you want to be healthy would you drink muddy or contaminated water? Would you use water from an unknown and uncertified source? If you are health-conscious, you would say ‘No’ to both these questions. We know that unclean water has germs that can cause diseases and even death.

good healthy food

What about the food we eat? Would you eat adulterated, contaminated or stale food? Would you purchase food products that have crossed their expiry date? If you care about your health, you would be careful to not eat unsafe food or use food products past their expiry date.

polluted air

Are we also careful with the air we breathe? As the image beside shows, we need significantly more air every day than food and drink. All three can make us sick, but only healthy, clean air has a preventive and healing effect on our health.

However, a lot of people tend to think that the air around their home looks clean as there is no smoke or obvious dust around. But is the air you breathe really safe and good for your health?

Did You Know?

Did you know that you are taking approximately 22,000 breaths of air every single day?

family at home

Each breath you take contains 40,000 to 75,000 particles. That amounts to 1.1 billion particles per day!

The most dangerous particles in the air are those that we cannot see with the naked eye. The most poisonous particles can only be seen through a microscope. Did you know that some of these particles remain in the air for up to 140 days which is equivalent to 20 weeks/ 3,360 hours or 201,600 minutes!

We may try to reason and think that our homes are safe and such particles may not be found in our house. The bad news is that these dangerous particles can be found indoors everywhere. Such particles are known to cause breathing problems and they can lead to severe lifelong consequences. Moreover, it affects people of all age groups from new born to the elderly too. No one is immune to these problems, it affects everyone.

If you take your health seriously and care about the water and food you eat, don’t you think that being careful about the air you breathe is important too?

 A person in hospital
Adverse effect on health

Many people learn about the importance of pure and clean air after they have seen the adverse effects of indoor air pollution on their family’s health. Those who learn the importance if clean air, learn that it is best not to leave anything to chance. They ensure that the air they breathe is safe, clean and pure.

Do you want to ensure your family breathes clean air and will enjoy the best of health for life?

Introducing Monarch Clean Air!

Monarch Clean Air

Monarch Clean Air is much more than a regular air purifier. It is a medically "Total Indoor Environment Purification System" that purifies allergens, viruses and mould spores up to 99.9999%. This is unique and has been scientifically proven and is certified by international research centers.

Image of Monarch Clean Air  (Envirotect)  air purifier

Besides particle filtration, Monarch Clean Air uses natural UVC technology for thorough disinfection of the air. It has many other benefits too. The European approved Ion Generator ensures improved oxygen uptake. The Vertical Whirlpool Blower System provides even distribution, making every corner of your home or office a place of purity.

Clean Air - A Basic Need in Today's World

While you make every effort to ensure that you are drinking pure and potable water and eating healthy food, there is a sure way to ensure that you are breathing pure clean air too.

If you are ready to navigate a world filled with microscopic challenges Monarch Clean Air is your best bet to fight this battle and win. Monarch Clean Air stands as a vanguard of health, preventive and healing.

With Monarch Clean Air, purifying the air becomes very easy and simple. The best thing is that it is totally worry free and low maintenance too. In one stroke you can ensure that your family and teams at work are totally protected from indoor air pollution. You are assured total freedom from sickness, you can enjoy enhanced productivity and increased income too.

Embrace Monarch Clean Air and you can be sure every breath you breathe is a step towards a healthier future. Feel free to get in touch with us to learn more about Monarch® "Total Indoor Environment Purification System"!


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